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Non-Profits, Government Agencies & Churches

Let Sequoia Creative help by building an online strategy and managing your social media presence.  With over twenty years of experience, our team is ready to build awareness and interest in your organization - giving you back the time, energy, and passion to help our communities grow!


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Website & App Design/Hosting

For many organizations, online marketing can be an effective means of influencing visitors and volunteers.

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Seasonal Marketing

Seasonality changes represent events in which your visitors and volunteers will often begin or end their time with you.

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Social Media Management

Social media offers a unique opportunity to have real, authentic conversations with visitors, volunteers, and the community.

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Photography & Videography

Pictures and videos create an emotional tie for visitors and volunteers that no words can replicate.  Strong emotional ties generate stronger engagement by those 'sitting on the fence'.

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Posters & Flyers

Flyers and posters are the marketing content most likely to 'breakthrough' for visitors and volunteers.  This breakthrough is critical for your information to be seen, read, and remembered.

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Annual Reports, Presentations

PowerPoints and charts are still an effective and efficient way to tell your story.  But, you didn't get involved to labor over graphs.  Let us make them 'pop' and watch your audiences' interest grow!

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