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Schools, Clubs, & Teams

Sequoia Creative helps with those tedious (yet critical) tasks.  With over twenty years of marketing experience, our staff is ready to 'take the reigns' managing your teams' communications and building a brand identity. Call us if you're looking for support to build a website, managing social media, capturing or edit video and pictures, or designing a team logo and brand identity.


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Website & App Design/Hosting

For many organizations, online marketing can be an effective means to keep your organization 'top of mind' and increase registrations.

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Logo & Brand Identity

It's a new day - and kids today are hyper-influenced by logos and brands.  The reality of today's generation is "If I'm gonna play, I gotta look good."

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Social Media Management

Social media offers a unique opportunity to highlight real, authentic conversations with your participants and share news with your community.

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Photography & Videography

What type of content is most shared with families and friends? - Pictures & videos.  And if a picture is worth a thousand words, why leave it up to someone else to tell your organization's story?

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Team Posters & Banners

Team banners and posters generate high rates of breakthrough in the classroom and at the ballfields.  This is critical to generating awareness and increasing interest in your organization and team.

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E-mail Management

E-mail is still the most commonly used communication channel for parents.  Maintaining a user database with dynamic 'tags' can ensure the right messages are delivered to the right team members.

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