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Large & Small Businesses

Sequoia Creative takes the uncertainty out of creating marketing content to drive online and offline visits and sales. With nearly twenty years of experience, our team is ready to 'take the reigns' for your marketing needs - giving you time back to shower your customers with love!


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Website & App Design/Hosting

For many businesses, online marketing can be an effective means of influencing shoppers without using direct selling methods.

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Seasonal Marketing

  By tuning into the seasons that are important to your customers you can become more relevant in their lives.

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Social Media Management

Social media offers a unique opportunity for those willing to invest the time to have real, authentic conversations with their customers.

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Photography & Videography

Pictures and videos create strong emotional ties and high engagement for shoppers that no words can replicate.

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In-Store, Coupons, & Flyers

According to the Promotion Marketing Association, over 76% of households use coupons on a weekly basis. Coupons are most influential in creating product/service trials.

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E-mail & Direct Mail Marketing

E-mail and direct marketing still have a place in today's marketplace and are optimal for a call-to-action (visit this site, call today, etc.).

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