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Increase Social Trust Through Employee Advocacy

There’s a fundamental rule that people do business with people they know, like, and trust. It can be more impactful to leverage personal profiles (employee advocacy) versus focusing all your efforts on growing (only) a company page.

What’s the advantage of employee advocacy? Based on research, we know:

A simple reaction such as a like, comment, or share will help your content reach an audience in ways your page can’t achieve on its own.

Here are five ways to maximize employee advocacy for your social media efforts:

1 - Make it easy to find & share!

LinkedIn Employee Notifications tell employees when you've posted an update to the company page. All they need to do is react and share it with their network.

2 - Ahem…. Make an announcement.

Offer a heads up through internal communication channels. Include a few comments they can add to their ‘Share’ to create a more personal touch.

3 - Help Employees Optimize Their Profiles

Provide a brief description of the business and links to web pages, PDFs, presentations, and videos to add additional context.

4 - Create & Share Unique, Branded Hashtags

Create a branded hashtag to round up posts your employees have published and share them on the company's official account.

5 - Share Your Employee’s Posts

The best way to show employees they're a welcome part of your social media presence is by sharing their relevant content in your daily posts.

Connect with our team to learn more about growing your social media profiles to create a winning strategy for your social media channels.

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