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Social Media 101 – If You Do Nothing Else, Read This!

Let’s start by debunking an assumption about what ’doing’ SM means. This is what we universally hear:

“We just need to put something out there once a week or so.”

That’s it, right? Nope.

You can’t manage a BUSINESS profile the way you manage a PERSONAL profile. Why?

Because social media is a business, and (to the social media platforms) THEIR users’ experience is most

important (regardless of how it affects your post and, ultimately, your success).

Here are a few key takeaways to demonstrate these differences.

  • You want to sell 'stuff'. But, let's be real, no one enjoys being sold to. If we focus our posts on self-promoting, you’ll never build an audience.

  • You need to communicate quickly and highlight your value. Users want to engage. You can't have a conversation standing behind a podium. Two-way dialogue is more important than a one-way speech.

  • You have an elevator pitch. You've practiced it. You know it works. Here's the thing though, no one wants to hear your recorded message. Would you have the same conversation with your co-worker (think, LinkedIn) and your grandmother (Facebook)? No, of course not. Don’t post the same items across multiple channels.

  • Social media companies operate by selling ads. They’re less likely to promote posts that reduce their business.

  • Social media is a ‘store front’ for your business. You need to remain 'open' but you still have to secure your page and @handle and allow visitors to comment. Just as you wouldn't keep your front door locked at all times, you wouldn’t leave it unlocked 24-hours either.

Getting social media 'right' takes planning, follow-through, and work.


Download our latest PDF doc (link below) to understand the most critical components of an effective social media plan.

Sequoia Creative - Social Media Strategy
Download • 4.57MB

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